“I chose Jennifer to create a portfolio site. When she suggested optimizing my site for search results I actually said, ‘I don’t want my phone to ring!’ I am thrilled to have two new clients who migrated from their large NY ad agencies to me; they found my web site using a search engine!”
~ Meeja Ritchie-Smith, Origin Design & Media, FL Keys
Customized Template with Worpress functionality Portfolio Website - Origin Design and Media Complete Website Re-Design, Copy-writing and SEO Project Restaurant Website - designed with budget in mind. First Time Web Presence; Brand Creation, Logo, Site Design and Content Complete Website Re-Design with Virtual Tours, Content Editing and SEO Project First Time Web Presence; E commerce Site

Web Solutions

An effective web presence is multifaceted, you need to put the entire package together as an integrated whole. We’ve been doing  this and growing with the web since its inception.


A website may be only one of many ways you interact with your customers, for instance if you also have a brick-and-mortar business, or it could be your entire business. In either case, building a site is often the first thing we do for a business. This is because a site represents the  culmination of the branding, marketing, and advertising efforts onto a viable business platform.

Our web site involvement may include logo and site design, copy writing, information architecture, content management, form handling, e-commerce, and most importantly –  search engine optimization.

Responsive/Mobile-First Sites

In January, 2013, the percentage of people who browse sites using mobile devices jumped by 26% in one month alone!  You cannot afford to have a site that people cannot browse on a smart phone or tablet. We design all of our sites to display on all devices. And increasingly, we are using “mobile-first” design optimized for cell phones first, and then built out with additional content/features/display options for larger resolutions. Think about it: if you have a dock-side restaurant, what device are people likely to use to find you? Shouldn’t their experience be delightful? JMC


For many businesses, their website is their business. Whether you are a small home-based entrepreneur, or a large international web store, you have some common needs. You will need a classy, easy-to-maintain catalog, a way for people to order and check out, and a way to collect their money. You may need additional forms, thank you, or error messages. We have experience from simple PayPal shopping carts to full-blown e-commerce solutions. We can help you pick the right solution for you, and implement it to get your business up and running on the web in the shortest time possible.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Sure you have a great product, a beautiful site, and a professional, secure shopping cart. But if people can’t find you, it doesn’t help much.  JMC has been doing SEO for over a decade, and we keep current on the ever-changing algorithms the search engines use and the techniques to satisfy them. For one of our clients, in one month, we moved them from X to Y, going from N to M hits per month.  This is the kind of explosive growth you need to be in the game, and we will do everything to give it to  you.


The web offers the best possible type of advertising: you only pay for ads your customers use. We set up advertising campaigns for any budget to further drive business to your site, for as little as pennies/click.  EXAMPLE

Social Media

A great website is not enough, even with SEO. Now you also need a FaceBook presence, email campaigns, Pintrest and other site links to your products, even regular twitter posts or yelp presence…the list goes on. We make social media part of all of our marketing campaigns and will help you create and maintain your social media presence.

Marketing & Branding

Marketing & Branding

Brand Identity
New Business Start-Ups
Revitalization and Renovations
Re-Positioning Businesses in Peril

Creative Services

Creative Services

Copy Writing
Collateral Design
Voice Overs
Graphic Design



Radio & TV
Direct Mail

Web & Business Solutions

Web & Business Solutions

Web Site Design
Banner Ads and Pay-per-Click
Search Engine Optimization
Project Management
Hospitality Industry

Strategic planning for small and micro businesses - Advertising and Branding, Custom Web Site Design, Internet and PPC advertising, Email Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization.
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